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Our Partners capitalize on each member’s strengths and resources, promote full accountability and further support the advancement of social inclusion, environmental improvement and business growth.

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Social Fingerprint® for Human Dignity

People First Approach

To succeed, iWrc focuses on people first, ensuring that our management system approach and priority outcomes include waste pickers’ improved health, safety and financial wellbeing.  Our process is based on the principles of SA8000, incrementally improving conditions to achieve a targeted level of socially inclusive performance. By more effectively and efficiently connecting cooperatives with public-private partners, iWrc improves daily working conditions and seeks to stabilize family incomes for frontline waste collectors. Our people-first approach allows corporate partners to meet ongoing producer-responsibility goals while providing them with a compelling socio-economic and environmental narrative that mitigates the reputational risks inherent when working with the informal sector in the emerging markets.

Circular Materials and Re-Insertion Into the Supply Chain

Buying Materials for Reverse Logistics

Many things were achieved in a short time thanks to the iWrc model and our committed team which includes a technical collaborative and an increasing group of external experts, funders and supporters.  Within three years we have been able to transform lives, society and materials into a marketplace where socially certified materials have established a position within the traditional economy.  Our holistic approach, focusing on the people in the process first, a key differentiator, is increasingly recognized by peers as the standard for including the informal sector within the global value chain.  iWrc engages in both supply- and demand-site efforts to grow these early-stage markets. This work includes encouraging additional participation and facilitating improvements in the quality/ quantity of the supply.  iWrc elevates the cooperative(s) incomes and commercial connections with other enabling stakeholders.

Fairtrade and Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency is the Key to Success

Waste pickers and recycling cooperatives are among the most marginalized pieces of the value chain. At iWrc, they are at the heart of everything we do. Unique among reverse logistics schemes, cooperatives and their members have a say in how iWrc is run and are included as part of our decision-making.

For inclusive recyclers, this means:

  • Prices that aim to cover their average costs of recycling – a vital safety net needed to stabilize income
  • An Increased Premium – extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price to invest in business or community projects of their choice
  • Improved working conditions and a ban on discrimination, forced labor and child labor amongst other principles in the standard
  • Being able to plan more for the future with more security and stronger relationships with buyers