People Are Our Priority

The waste pickers are the heart of the operation. Our goal is to improve their health, safety, and financial stability. Thus, we adhere to the standards of SA8000. We ensure that our employees are safe on the job. iWrc increasingly improves these conditions. We strive to offer the highest standard of socially inclusive performance.

Positive Partnerships

We connect cooperatives with public-private partners. iWrc stabilizes family income for frontline waste collectors. We put people first. Our approach helps corporate partners be responsible producers. Then, they can meet their corporate responsibility goals. The results are socio-economic and environmental. Everyone wins.

Transparent Practices

The iWrc approach was designed by experts, supporters, and funders. Our committed team prioritizes the needs of the people. In three years, we were able to transform lives. The materials produced have a position in the economy. To simplify, recycled materials are profitable. Those profits create financial stability for our waste collectors.  The holistic approach focuses on the people working on site. Our approach has a key differentiator. Focus on social responsibility. This is increasingly recognized by peers as the standard. There is a space for the informal sector in the global value chain.