Reducing Waste & Improving Lives

Plastic pollutes the environment. Our program recaptures waste and repurposes plastics. The iWrc model creates a socially inclusive recycling supply chain. Then, we create jobs in affected communities to pull and sort pollution. The recovered plastic is worked back into the supply chain. Recycled materials cut down on new waste production. Additionally, we eliminate waste build up in the environment.

This process removes pollution from the local environment. With this model, the quality of life improves for the citizens. Meanwhile, jobs at the recycling facility bring new money into the economy. These conditions support a healthier, happier community for all.

Community Need Global Responsibility

We assess community need. Then, build out or scale an Inclusive Recovered Resource (IR2) Marketplace. An IR2 strives to reduce environmental impact from consumer products. This model brings “waste” back into circulation.

Market partners work with cooperatives to reduce pollution. At the same time, they rehabilitate the environment. By creating recycled material, we reduce future pollution. Today, the cooperatives clean up existing waste to create new resources.

Plastic Renaissance

Waste recovery is the wave of the future. By bringing “trash” back into the supply chain, iWrc breathes new life into old materials. Conscious consumption recognizes the need to repurpose plastics for products and packaging.

Big businesses have an opportunity to greatly reduce environmental impact. By reducing plastic production and utilizing recycled material, we can create positive change. This recycling process offsets plastic production in various industries.