A Market that Focuses on the People First

iWrc advances the health and financial security of waste-pickers. Companies connect directly to a sorting facility. Then, they obtain ethically sourced recycled material. Major brands recognize their obligation to be good stewards of the planet. In other words, they have a responsibility. Industries that create waste need to balance their impact. The iWrc program creates a positive environment and social influence.

Transparency at All Levels

Some businesses commit due to government regulations. Ordinarily, their plan ignores the human side of the recycling industry. Machines don’t sort the waste – people do. Millions of people around the globe work in these sorting facilities. Unfortunately, waste pickers have historically been marginalized. But, they are essential in the value chain. Thus, at iWrc, we recognize and celebrate the pickers! They are the lifeblood of the operation.

From Pollution to Profit

The iWrc model creates an interdependent relationship. Therefore, all parties are critical stakeholders in the operation. This ecosystem of teamwork is entirely symbiotic. A transparent full chain of custody grants ownership to all parties involved. The partners each benefit from the strengths of one another.