Our goal is to create a permanent commercial connection between  socially fingerprinted cooperatives and the supply chain and encourage the continued growth of the program using the relationship between push of supply based on the pull of increasing demand for inclusively recaptured resources.

Assess ​Feasibility

The process begins with an assessment of the waste recovery market, considering material(s) flows, stakeholders and the dynamics of building a more socially inclusive recycling supply chain. Specifically, relevant economic drivers, cooperative readiness, the presence/absence of enabling actors, agents and/or existing programs are reviewed to discover possible pathways for iWrc to build out/scale up an Inclusively Recovered Resource (IR2) marketplace.

Build ​Capability/Capacity

With a feasible IR2 market, iWrc begins engaging, selecting and onboarding key participants to move the concept forward. This starts with iWrc teams convening important stakeholders through a series of workshops to jointly discuss the changes needed to build and scale the IR2 market along with the resource requirements and possible benefits for each participant. This Step culminates in the creation of a shared vision and go forward plan with all participating stakeholders.

Engage Participants

Together with local partners, iWrc teams then activate these go forward plans, thoroughly assessing cooperative(s) using a globally-recognized Social Fingerprinting process; confirming potential market partners (e.g., aggregators, brands, etc.) and building/ implementing action plans to ensure cooperative(s) are prepared to enter the formal supply base and start the flow of IR2 into the recovered materials market.

Cultivate IR2 Market

iWrc engages in both supply- and demand-site efforts to grow these early-stage markets. This work includes encouraging additional participation and facilitating improvements in the quality/ quantity of the IR2 supply.  In this Step, iWrc teams also help elevate cooperative(s) incomes and commercial connections along with continuing to deepen relationships with other enabling stakeholders.

Improve Monitor & Measure

To sustain and improve iWrc and the IR2 marketplace, our teams routinely, monitor/report progress on material flows and social impact. They offer ongoing support to ensure cooperative(s) continuously evolve and improve. They engage in fundraising to finance innovations that increase efficiencies and effectiveness. Moreover, iWrc leaders continuously monitor progress, adjust and evolve strategies/plans to target growth, ever increasing impact and building greater recognition and value for the brand.