What is iWrc?

iWrc stands for “Inclusive Waste Recycling Consortium.” The first word in our name is “inclusive.” iWrc is the leader in fair labor practices. We seek to advance the health and financial status of waste pickers. Here, “inclusive” means safe conditions and responsible operations.

We are helping create wealth and safety for waste collectors.

We work with waste recycling cooperatives to establish best practices. Our training helps empower employees. A “consortium” is an association between several companies. We connect cooperatives to brands. Our platform allows global brands to purchase recycled materials.

Modern Problems

Modern Solutions

The iWrc online marketplace sells sorted bulk material. Recycled waste returns to the supply chain. Companies purchase the product with confidence. The iWrc  Seal represents fair labor practices. People are our priority. Thus, we strive for optimal conditions at the recycling facilities.

Getting PET, plastic, and e-Waste off the street and into the supply chain

What is Social Fingerprint®?

SAI’s Social Fingerprint® program measures social responsibility. They monitor, measure, and help to improve working conditions. iWrc partners with SAI to create a social impact collaboration. Together, we envision a world where workers, businesses, and communities thrive.